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After a particular service is purchased you will be redirected to a page where you will contact me with your specific project details to make sure it is done well and completed successfully!!

On This Page You Will Find Backpage Advertising, Flyer Advertising, Social Media Marketing,

Radio Advertising, And Search Engine Optimization Services For Great Prices!!

          Have 50, 100, or 150 free ads placed on Backpage for you within 5 days for $10, $15, or $20. Be Sure To Be Ready With Your Ads, The Free Ad Categories, And Some Of The Cities In Which You Want To Post Your Ads On

          Have your Flyers passed out to university students, professors, and alumni on campuses around the country. Get 50 of your flyers passed out for $10, 60 Flyers for $12, 80 Flyers for $15, or 100 Flyers for $18. Please be ready with the flyer image to be used and flyers will be printed on campus.

          Social Media Marketing mainly targets younger adults in the USA ages 18-35. It can help to get the word out about your product, service, business, website, or cause quickly! Please be ready with your site link and message for us to spread to the people online. Promote to 1 to 2 Million for $10, 3 to 5 Mil. for $12, 10 to 15 Mil. for $16, or promote to 20+ Mil. for $20.

(No Facebook or YouTube page links accepted)

          Radio Advertising is a great way to get the word out about your song, business, product, service, or cause to the public. Please have your less than 60 sec commercial, or under 5 min song ready when you choose how to broadcast your message!

Promote Your Song By Having It Played To 1000's Of Listener's For Only $15!!

1.  Get Your Commercial played once every 4 hours for 24 hours on 5 All Digital Radio Network Stations (ADR 202 Vintage Soul, ADR 204 IDOL Rewind, ADR 206 POP Nation, ADR 208 Real RAP Radio, and ADR 210 Classic Rock) for $10, a week for $35, or 3 weeks for $65.

2.  Broadcast Your Ad On WLK FM RADIO for 6 times an hour 24 hours a day for 7 days to equal 1008 times for your commercial to be heard for $20.

3.  Broadcast Your Ad Nationally On AM and FM Stations featuring News, Talk Radio, Music, and Daily Programs across the USA to reach small businesses and middle class households for one day for only $10 or a week For $45.

4.  Broadcast Your Ad On Radio Invasion FM, which is listened to worldwide. Your ad will be broadcast 12 times a day for seven days (84 plays) for only $25, 336 plays in a month for $45, 506 plays in 45 days $55, or 2016 plays in 6 months for $70.

5.  Broadcast Your Ad On Digital Mayhem Internet Radio which is listened to worldwide in 90 countries. Your Ad will be braodcast 12 times a day for 2 weeks for $30, 24 times a day for 2 weeks for $35, 12 times a day for 4 weeks for $40, or 24 times a day for 4 weeks for $45.

          Getting Backlinks for your website and Submitting Your Site To Search Enginges Is Important to spreading the word about your site to get more visitors and be found on the internet! Get 250+ Backlinks for $5, 1000+ for $10, 5000+ for $15,  10,000+ for $20, or 15,000+ for $25 as long as you are ready with your site address and up to 10 keywords noted in order of importance. Get you website submitted to 50+ search engines for $5 or have it submitted to 500+ search engines for only $10. Please be ready with your site address, your personal/site owner contact information, up to 25 keywords, a short less than 200 word description, and site owner email. Some search engines will need to be confirmed by sending site owner one email with a confirmation link in it that needs to be clicked for submission to be completed.

Marketing And Advertising Services May Take 5-10 Days To Be Completed, Unless Otherwise Noted. Usually All Projects Are Completed sooner!

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